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We thread our talents with your ideas to weave together an unforgettable identity.

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We thread our talents with your ideas to weave together an unforgettable identity.

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What Is Brand Identity?

It is how you want your customers, or clients, to see your business. Logos, typeface, consistent design elements, websites, apps, tone, advertisements all make up your brand identity. This is the image you want to project to your clients. Your brand is the most valuable asset your business has.

Our 4 Step Process

Study Your Competition
Make a pros and cons list of your competition. Tear apart their logos, deconstruct their website, and evaluate their ad strategies. We can give you a comprehensive analysis of your local competition.

Solidify Your Value
What makes you valuable to your customers, or clients?

Write a Breakdown of Your Ideal Client
You have to know who your clients are to serve them.

Create Personality
How are you going to make your business relatable? Go to Google’s search engine. Depending on world events, Google changes their logo to reflect those events. This gives Google the worldly personality trait. What is your businesses personality?

We Do Portfolios

We are identity experts and offer full afforable consultations and documentation on your business identity and your target market.

These consultations are vital to our design process. If you already have documentation, we can use this to design and implement your identity.



  • Logo Concept & Design

  • Business Cards

  • Pamphlets, brochures, and posters


  • Vinyl Car Wraps

  • Storefront Signs

  • Billboard, Digital Signage, and Ad Design


  • Website Design

  • Social Media Influencing Consulting, Strategy, and Design

  • Search Engine Optimization, and Web Visibility

Lets Design Together:

What is The Idea Loom?

We are a multi-disciplined design company that strives to help clients fully develop their identity. Our heart is geared towards business owners that strive to be successful in their local and global community and are not afraid to utilize the full potential of visual designs to reach their intended audience. We believe in our ability to come alongside the key movers within a business to shape that businesses brand into an identity that is well know, builds trust and communicates value to their clients, or customers. The Idea Loom focuses on you, our client, and weaves your ideas into powerful visuals.