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Our Approach

Our relationships with our clients are always going to be positive. Our goal is to encourage, empower, and champion our clients to lead their industry and overcome their competitors. We truly believe that great design is one of the most vital components to a successful business! It is this passion and understanding that we pour into our projects. We work WITH you. Always.

Our Story

We love beauty and admire it wherever we can find it! One day, we were driving downtown and we noticed how beautiful designs could create beautiful storefronts. We talked about a world where every business owner had an affordable avenue to create beauty in their brand! Our love for admiring beautiful things and our uncanny knack for creating and directing design seemed like a great foundation for The Idea Loom.

Meet The Team

George Duke
George DukeCo-Founder, Lead WordPress Designer, Brand Identity Specialist
Computers just make sense to George. Everybody in his family calls him when anything happens to their technology. He is constantly telling his mother-in-law, “You have to turn it off and back on.” He has built the computers that him and Sara use. He is an enigma in a way. While he spends hours in front of his screen coding, researching, and designing, he can still hold a conversation and maintain a social life. This is what makes George a vital asset when it comes to carving out an online presence for your brand!
SaraFounder, Lead Graphic Designer, Brand Designer
Sara is one of those weird people that can design just about anything you ask. She is well practiced in freehand from doodling in her notebooks throughout her time in high school and college. Anything Sara does is Pinterest worthy, and it comes as naturally as breathing. She’s also really sweet, and love laughing more than the average person. Her designs always empower meaning and she strives to impact people through her design. Impact and meaning is what will define her designs for you!